TK Media Direct

At TK Media, we forego a one-size-fits-all
approach. Client service is the very
foundation of TK Media’s philosophy,
mission and focus, and your unique
campaign objectives are our
first consideration.

We make every effort to ensure your particular goals are balanced with a thoughtful, prudent approach.

Each brand account is built and overseen from the top down, directly by the agency principals for whose talents you hired. We start by constructing a fully customized team of specialists to match your specific needs. These leading edge specialists will personally service and manage your account 24/7. This allows our expert staff to deeply examine what makes your business and their consumers tick on both a micro and macro level, and make the best informed decisions for your product.

Every step of the way, we also believe in:

  • Going the extra mile. Always.
  • Listening. Always.
  • Not making empty promises.
  • Act as our customer’s internal advocates.
  • Collaborating regularly with the client.
  • Providing proactive communications and thoughtful project management.
  • Suggesting and enacting on improvements and streamlining the
    customer experience.
  • Owning, managing, and nurturing media and vendor relationships.
  • Meeting and exceeding expectations.
  • Maintaining competitive advantage through superior customer service as measured by customer retention, customer satisfaction, and overall account health.